Food fit for royalty

royal wedding

Love them or loath them last week the UK was alight with the buzz of love in the air caused by the Wedding of Prince Harry to his American sweetheart Meghan Markle. 

Of course all the girls at RAWR were glued to the live streaming on Saturday, there was some cooing, some tears and we were all generally in awe of all the details. In particular the 'non traditional' details. Harrys Beard, the American Preacher and the Gospel Choir showed us all that even the most formal events can get brought into this century. However amongst the the electric Car and the Sustainable guestwear was the Wedding Breakfast, complete with none other than Bowl Food. In particular the Buddha Bowl.

This detail made me shriek with delight. 

Sometimes referred to as a Bliss bowl or Poke bowl, a buddha bowl is a well rounded meal that consists of all the food groups. Its not only densely nutritious but due to its variety in the bowl it holds your attention and takes a while to devour. Which goes a large way towards ticking the box in the satisfaction stakes. Taking a while to eat means you get full usually before you have finished. And we have many customers that box up remains to take them home claiming the Buddha Bowl won, but they simply couldn't just leave the leftovers! 

Buddha Bowls come in all shapes and sizes and in RAWR you can add extras you fancy or swap out elements you dont to suit your tastes exactly. A good Buddha Bowl should consist of Leafy Greens, Ancient Grains, Raw and/or Roasted Veggies, Fermented Veggies and Beans and topped with Seeds and a good simple dressing. 

The variety of textures and flavours make for a wonderful dish and the fact its changeable makes it truly personal and never boring. You literally could eat a different Buddha Bowl each day with a few tweaks and changes and they leave you feeling wonderfully full rather than the 'I've just ate a super large carvery' full.

Buddha Bowls are also highly inspirational and we find many customers recreating them at home and igniting a passion for food variety and combining and making eating at home that little bit more wonderful and healthy. 

In our opinion the Buddha Bowl is more worthy a dish for such a diverse wedding than anything.
It offers something for everyone, and is such a well rounded and exciting meal than it would have not only wowed the guests, but for most introduced them to an eating concept that is so tasty and satisfying Nutritionally and from a Sensory perspective that its borderline addictive. 

But why was i so excited about them being on the Royal Menu?

Flash back to December 2015, we began working on the Spring Menu for Rawr which had a heavy presence of Bowl Food, Jar Shake to Wake Food and Buddha Bowls.
To our dismay, they didn't sell. People just didn't get them or the concept and we went from an excited and highly creative New Menu launch in January 2016, to reworking the menu two months earlier than planned in Spring. It killed us to keep giving Buddha Bowls a hard sell to no avail and also wasting all the prepped ingredients so we sensibly decided to cull them. 

It gutted me, and I wondered whether I was obsessed with something that just didn't have the potential I had envisaged but we put it down to people locally just not being quite ready for the Buddha Bowl and shelved the recipes and concepts until Summer of 2017. 

In for round two, still personally having an obsession with bowl food we nervously positioned them on the Spring/Summer 2017 Menu hoping this time they would be hit. And luckily they were. So much so, that we couldn't actually take them off the menu now if we wanted to even seasonally as they remain in our top 5 best selling dishes well over 12 months on and are as loved by customers from all walks of life. 

So why so excited? Well, for them to be in the public spotlight and chosen out of all the dish concepts available to feed the VIP guests at the Wedding of the decade means to us that they will be thrust even further into the mainstream and rightly so. They deserve to be. This decision will catapult the Buddha Bowl into food stardom and once there, due to how good they are, we think they will be not a trend but around to stay. Becoming a staple in health food options nationwide. 

Which is truly awesome. 

Written by gemma bloor
nUtritional Therapist, co founder & Creative director at rawr

Buddha Bowl Green Juice
Buddha Bowl

So what exactly is a Buddha bowl?

Our Buddha bowl base consists of:

A Leafy Green Mix of Spinach and Rocket,
- Tri Colour Quinoa
- Hummus
- Cajun Chickpeas
- Roasted Paprika Broccoli
- Black Peppered Avocado
- Sauerkraut
- Petis Pois
- Flaked Almonds
- Black Sesame
- Shelled Hemp Seeds

Drizzled in our gorgeous homemade Creamy Lemon Cashew Dressing
& topped with Chilli Oranges. 

Our Buddha Bowl is Vegan, Gluten Free, fabulous and priced at just £9.95. 
However you can then add, Griddled Halloumi, Smoked Salmon, Boiled Egg, Poached Egg, Chicken or additional Veggies. 

Buddha bowls are available from both Hanley and Trentham for sit in and Take Away and soon to be packaged ready to grab and go for those with moments to spare. 

We will never tire of them and if you have never tried them, theres no time like the present. 

Book a table in Hanley here or pop into Trentham and start your Buddha Bowl obsession in time for Summer .....