Although this snack resembles a headless oozing cockroach we can assure you it'll be the sweetest treat you have ever tried and you will wonder how you lived so long without it.

I'm sure you will agree the simplest ideas can often be the best and this one is the simplest to assemble. Pick a good fresh medjool date which are available from most good supermarkets, cut it open like performing a small operation not all the way through, remove the pit and stuffed with whichever nut butter you love best. We find Almond the tastiest, but Cashew butter, Peanut butter or even Pumpkin Seed Butter fantastic. Make sure you only use the 100% nut butters without sugar or palm oil added (in store from £1.99 a jar) and for an extra treat a sprinkle of cinnamon on top with not only add to the taste but add Curcumin into the snack for a extra glucose reducing ingredient!


Raw nuts are an easy way to have a protein snack. But they can get a little boring and dry at times. 
We love to pick our favourite nuts and seeds like almonds, cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc, mix them in a bowl add a small spoon of raw coconut oil and stir then add some spice. We love cayenne, oregano and chilli flakes. Add some burst of sweetness with goji berries and raw coconut chips or for some added super protein goodness a sprinkle of chia seeds and a touch of algae powder such as spirulina to make you pretty nuts about nuts!

Go one step further and eat it with some chopped up avocado mmmmmmmm delish!

Snack #3 - BEAN MEDLEY

Beans beans good for the heart... If you know our menu you will understand our love of beans. A bean medley is easy to do and keeps well in the fridge. Perfect for preparing the evening befor and taking to work the following day. 

We like to mix a combo of different beans such as chickpeas, butter beans, bortolli etc and then mix in some crunchy veg like peppers etc. Throw a few raw spinach leaves in for some added iron and drizzle over a mix of olive oil, lemon juice and a herb. Mixed herbs is great, chilli flakes are even better!

Top the dish with fresh herbs such as coriander and parsley for some heavy metal detoxification :) 

Keep it in a jar, shake it like a polaroid picture and you have a fab and filling snack that keeps well is cheap to make and transport. 


These divine little treats are very filling and very easy to put together. The rice cakes we love best are the Kallo Buckwheat Super Seed Gluten Free Cakes (in store for £1.49) 

Simply pick your nut butter (we find the meridian 100% crunchy peanut butter is best) Slice and layer your banana and for an extra treat a sprinkle of raw cacao powder or cinnamon is fantastic!

For those on the go, add a rice cake on top to keep it all together and wrap some cling around it. 
You can then reveal it ready to go at work and watch onlookers drool! :)


Hummus or Houmous or however you want to personally say / spell it is packed full of protein from the little pea of the chick variety. Ensure you pick a good one that doesn't have nasties like whey powder and unnecessary additives packed in there or for something uber clean simply make your own.

Ingredients required: chickpeas 1 carton (better than a tin, many of them are lined with bpa) , a couple of dollops of tahini paste which is a sesame seed paste (in store for £2.49 a jar) garlic as much as you like, lemon juice, himalayan pink salt (in store for £2.99) olive oil to get the consistency you require and voila after a whizz with a blender there is your hummus. To go one step further for a professionally creamy finish, first boil the chickpeas for 30 mins then shell them before using. Its time consuming but worth it. The hummus will keep in a glass jar in the fridge for around a week in theory although most people have eaten it before then!

For an added extra variety, split the hummus into two and mix spice into one of them (we love harissa, but cayenne would work too) this mixes up the taste and also adds curcumin which should be in everyones diet these days!

What to dip in: 

We love Red Pepper, Mange tout, Raw Carrot, Cucumber for a good combo of taste and crunch. But we also love a good raw broccoli spear or asparagus or a dollop of hummus in a kale or red cabbage leaf wrapped up like a pretty hummus veg wrap. 

Just remember breath mints if you have an afternoon engagement!



Here's the quickest, easiest and simplest snack of them all... and our absolute go-to snack of choice, especially on busy days with limited time!

Avocados have more soluble fibre than other fruit and contain a number of useful minerals such as iron, copper and potassium - more potassium than bananas infact! We absolutely love cutting open an avo and spooning it out! Add some cracked black pepper, olive oil, cayenne pepper or even honey to jazz it up and give it something different each time! Noma noma nom!