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So this afternoon we are talking Algae and whilst their uses are vast we wanted to specifically focus on one thats proven to assist in general wellbeing during Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments. Chlorella. 

This green wonder food has been the subject of numerous studies relating to cancer dating back decades. Despite its vast Immune Boosting properties by increasing the white cell content in your body here are the main reasons to consider including it in your diet if you are fighting the Big Bad C...


Studies in Japan and other parts of Asia suggest that Chlorella not only has anti tumour effects on Breast Cancer in particular but a protein extracted from Chlorella inhibited the spread of cancer when tested in Mice. Another study proved cell death of Liver Cancer in Rats. 


Chlorella is mainly used during Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment as Chlorella has a fibrous wall and is great at wrapping itself not only around cancer treatment toxins but heavy metal such as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Uranium thus lowering the toxic effects of treatment on the body and subsequently removing another other toxins that drain the immune system further. If you have mercury fillings, had vaccinations, eat fish or food from China you can bet your bottom dollar you have Heavy Metals in your body. Regular use of Chlorella stops the accumulation of heavy metal toxins altogether which is key for long term immune system boosting and all round wellbeing. 



Chlorella is super high in Chlorophyll and not only that its structure is similar to that of haemoglobin but with Magnesium at its centre and this is important for a few reasons:

  • When light hits Chlorella it emits Oxygen, cancer's arch enemy
  • Magnesium corrects mineral levels in cells & incorrect mineral levels are linked to cancer
  • Because of Chlorella's resemblance to Haemoglobin, it is free to travel around the blood supply without causing any toxic reactions which draws on the immune system. 

Finally there is very well documented evidence on the benefit of eating green vegetables particularly in relation to fighting and preventing Colon Cancer and also hormone induced cancers such as Breast, Ovarian, Womb, Prostate and Brain by increasing the levels of phytoestrogens in the body that protect against said cancers and other diseases such as Cardiovascular disease, Osteoporosis and Brain Function Disorders. Phytoestrogens sit in and block receptor sites against Estrogen and therefore have the ability to cause Estrogenic and / or Antiestrogenic effects. 


Chlorella is high in key core nutrients and has energy boosting effects. This is very welcomed during draining Cancer treatments when energy levels can be at an all time low and lack of taste and digestion functionality can make eating nutrient rich foods hard work. Chlorella can be taken in powder or 100% pressed tablet form and give you the nutrient boost you need during this time without hassle or any prep time at all. 

To give you an idea of some of the nutrients 1.5tbsp of Chlorella provides:

8g of easily absorbable Protein
143% of the RDA of Vitamin A
101% of the RDA of Iron
66% of the RDA of Zinc
35% of the RDA of Vitamin B2
16% of the RDA of Vitamin B3
11% of the RDA of Magnesium 

Along with good supplies of B Vitamins 12, 6, 1 and Phosphorus, 

Our retail Chlorella comes in two forms from Superfood Giants Kaizen Living. Kaizen focus on ensuring clean supply and well regulated growing sources and are the reason they are stocked in well known retailers such as Harvey Nichols and are the Celebrities choice of Superfood brand. 

Their Organic Chlorella Powder retails through us online or in store for £17.99 for 200g and is also available in 100% Pressed Organic Tablet form at £18.99 for 400 tablets (giving you 100 days worth of supply for just 19p per day!)

Invest in yourself and your health with Chlorella!

Written by Gemma Bloor 





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