Off the wall with coconut oil!

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Coconut oil. The toxin free super product with a huge portfolio of uses. If you aren't using it to cook with, clean your face with, make into a toothpaste or homemade deodorant then you need to rush out right now and bloody well get some! Not just yet though, you can go after you have read our off the wall ways of using coconut oil.....

Coconut oil is great for removing sticky stuff from anywhere. Carpets, hair etc and all without spraying all sorts of nasty chemicals around, scrubbing to oblivion or damaging the surface underneath. 
Sticky stuff gone in the blink of an eye. Just like magic. 

Its very not vegan of us to say but coconut oil is like the grim reaper to lice. Slather it on, leave overnight then comb it through, Lice gone and silky smooth hair. Like a 2 for 1 deal really :) 

And just like their human dwelling counterparts, Fleas don't fair well against coconut oil either. They cant hop off so easy when weighed down by the oil and pets get a lovely smooth coat at the same time. Mixed in with pet food regularly to keep up appearances and fido will be Crufts worthy in no time. Given with food or topically its also great for curbing bad breath (hooray!), lubricating joints in those older best friends and cleaning out ears. 

Perhaps we could have used a more PC name for this condition however theres nothing more annoying than a case of the pink eye. A big swollen pussing eye to wear on your face isn't fun. But it'll be less painful and gone quicker after a slathering of coconut oil 

Oooo errrr we wont go into too much detail here as i'm sure you don't need pointers as to how this one works. Just be careful using it in conjunction with Condoms, we wouldn't want to be to blame for a rise in the population!

Following on from the reason above, bruises on knees or wherever they may be are not a pretty sight so unless you are due a stint in the slammer and need some war wounds for credibility i'm sure you will be wanting to see the back of bruises as swiftly as possible. Simply rub onto bruised skin for a faster heal time. 

Coconut Oil is a great toxin free wood polish and gives a protective shine to your treasured furniture that would make Mrs Bucket jealous! Just make sure you test a small part prior to ensure you are happy with the result!

So tricky to spell and even trickier to have! Say goodbye to them faster with a dollop of the white stuff. Internally or externally it soothes and sorts by encouraging the bodies natural healing. 

Sometimes the smallest of things can cause the most amount of pain cant they! Heartburn being one of the them. Taking a small spoon of coconut oil with meals can curb the acid reflux, keeping heartburn at bay. Bye bye acids, hello late night take away errr ahem we mean lovely vegan, nutritious raw snack earlier than the watershed. 

The best coconut oil in our opinion is Coconoil by a landslide. Not only is it super soft and lovely tasting, its sourced uber ethically and set up originally for the people of Sri Lanka to rebuild their economy after the devastation of the Tsunami in 2004. The original and the best and still at just £5.99 for 280g tub making it the most affordable and responsibly sourced Raw Organic Coconut Oil on the marketplace. 

Ok you can go rush out and buy some now! store or online:


Currently on a 6 tubs for the price of 4 deal, making it a steal at £3.99 a tub! One for everyroom, or a great stockpile for last minute gift ideas!

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