Absolutely buzzing about Bee Pollen!



Bee Pollen, the word on the lips of every health boffin and those that are curious. 

But is it all its cracked up to be? Why is everyone raving about it?

In short, Bee Pollen is what is classed as a complete food which means it contains so many nutrients that its vastly exceeds other foods in their ability to nourish the body completely. Bee Pollen contains nearly all the nutrients we need to survive. Of course man cant live on Bee Pollen alone, no matter how wonderfully sweet or happy they make us feel with their bright yellow loveliness!

So where does it come from?

Bee Pollen is collected by Honey Bees and is the food of the young bees. This is why is super important for this superfood to be sourced ethically and by responsible bee keepers otherwise taking all the bees food wont end well for us as a human race! Bees are so important for our survival that many of the plants that keep us alive, trees, food etc just simply wouldn't grow without them. At Rawr we have the utmost respect for bees in short we absolutely worship the little buggers :) 

So back to bee pollen!

Heres the science bit and how Bee Pollen benefits us:


Bee Pollen has antibiotic properties and is good for intestinal flora (the good bacteria in your gut) and these bacteria have an important role to play in the development of white blood cells (the ones that fight infections) Sounds gross doesn't it gut bacteria but they are essential for a healthy gut and that is of huge importance in having a healthy immune system. 


Bee Pollen is full of enzymes that aid digestion. They have a direct role in assisting your body to absorb the vitamins and minerals from our food and is your digestive systems personal assistant. Doing alot of the hard work so it doesn't have to :) 


Bee Pollen have a large amount of antioxidants which is very important for the bodies defence against damaging free radicals. Free radicals sound groovy but trust me they aren't, they are pesky little atoms that form when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. They love to damage human cells and are a common cause of premature ageing,disease and cancer.  


Being a good source of Carbohydrate and protein and high in B Complex vitamins means bee pollen is naturally energy enhancing and good for fighting fatigue. Its often referred to as 'Mother Natures Natural Energy Booster' and is a great superfood for veggies due to the B12 Content! Yippee


Bee pollen stimulates the ovaries, boosts the hormones and is an aphrodisiac and so the perfect superfood addition if you are dreaming of sleepless nights and smelly nappies! Only kidding, we love a good squeeze of a newborn in here!


Bee Pollen has high levels of Rutin an antioxidant that strengthens the capillaries and blood vessels. It also Is great for boosting circulation, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and preventing heart attacks and stroke through its anti clotting properties. We all have to look after our hearts now don't we!


Due to its high level of vitamins and amino acids, bee pollen encourages cell regeneration which is key for healthy skin. Bee Pollen is also anti inflammatory and so used often in topical treatments for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Its a big organ is our skin and is up against it on a daily basis. Bee pollen is a great internal or external good dose of skin TLC. 


Bee pollen reduces histamines which is something that sets off allergies, asthma and sinus problems. Bee pollen is a natural way of reducing those nasty histys without reaching for the sometimes drowsy and often costly hayfever pills. 


Can everyone take Bee Pollen?

In theory yes, however we would always suggest being precautious if its your first time and you suffer with many allergies, especially bee or grass allergies and especially during allergy season. Lets not forget where bee pollen is from and can often be seen on bees legs flying around fields! Start small with 1-2 granules and build it up from there if all ok. 

Can it be taken any time of day?

We suggest taking the bee pollen with food at mealtimes , it performs best this way and makes it easier to incorporate it regularly into your diet. 

How is it collected?

Every bee keeper is different and thats why its important to always know your source. 
The Bee pollen we stock is by uber ethical and award winning superfood boffins Marvellous Superfoods based in Wales. 

Their Bee Pollen is Spanish and is produced from an array of wildflowers including Lavandula Stoechas Cistus, and Genista. Spanish bee pollen is renowned for being exceptionally high quality as it has outstanding nutritional values, a very sweet taste, fresh aroma and gorgeous golden hue colour. 

It is harvested between April and May and the keepers are conscious of the bee’s wellbeing, the natural habitat and the excellence of the product they are producing. In order to gather the pollen they place a thin net over the entrance to the hive so when the bees enter the largest clusters of pollen fall off into the net and are gathered in the box below. The pollen is only collected 3 or 4 days a week and for a period of around a month leaving the bees with ample pollen to thrive.

Where can you get your hands on it?

We stock 100g Bags for just £5.99 buy in store or online 






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